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PET HEALTH INSURANCE: A Matter of Life & Death

If you love your furry friend as much as I love mine, I urge you to read this.   Many pet owners make the fatal mistake of not researching the need to insure their pet as soon as possible.  Some believe that pet insurance is a "scam," or not necessary.   Many years ago, I spent countless hours researching the different insurance plans available for my pets.   My research led me to an incredible and solid company:  PetPlan.   I purchased polices for each of my pets, and was amazed at how affordable it was.   The cost of vet bills can be extraordinary, and you may be faced one day with making the decision to proceed with a test or procedure, or having to put your pet down because you simply cannot afford it.   Procedures and Hospital Stays can reach into the THOUSANDS of DOLLARS within one day of care.  

I fully recommend PETPLAN for your insurance needs.   They have literally come through for me, and have given me the ability to care properly for my aging pets.   One Key Factor:  Insure your pet as soon as possible.   Do NOT wait!   The importance here lays within allowing your pet to be covered for every/any illness or accident.   Pre-Existing conditions are not covered, so the sooner you get your pal insured, the better.   Click on the link, and enter the code PITTPETSto received a 5% discount!

Here is a TRUE Story of How PetPlan Saved my Cat's Life:

Roxy is my oldest pet at age 14.   I insured her while she was younger and she had no health problems when she first became insured.   About a year after I purchased her policy, she began to show signs of illness.  Constant Drinking, weight loss, and lethargy were the key signs.   I immediately took her to the vet.  Testing was needed.   The total cost of the testing was approximately $800.   Petplan covered $600 of this after my $200 deductible per condition.   The tests came back showing hyperthyroidism and the beginning of renal failure.   The vet prescribed medication and IV therapy that I can administer at home.  The total cost of medication per month was approximately $400. That is $4800 a year.   Petplan covered every cent of the medication, even the shipping charges from the pharmacy.  I began giving supplements to Roxy as well, Petplan covered these because it could only better her direct problem.    To date:  Petplan has covered over $8000 in care for Roxy.  She is still alive and kicking.   They continue to cover visits for her care, and without them I am not sure if I could afford the vet bills.

Don't be foolish.  Don't Wait.   Your Pet is your best friend.   Do not find yourself in a situation where you have to put your pet down simply because you cannot afford the care they need.   Feel free to ask me for more information as well. 

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