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For the Safety of All of our Guests:  We require the following:

1)  Vaccinations Required for Your Dog's Stay:

*Rabies: One or Three Year Vaccine Required

*DPP (Distemper): One of Three year Vaccine Required

*Bordatella:  Required every 12 months. Please note, you usually must request this from your vet. 

***If your dog does not have the above required vaccinations, please contact your vet immediately so that vaccinations can take effect as soon as possible.  You may also contact a local vaccination clinic for more cost effective means.

***Proof MUST be submitted PRIOR TO or AT THE TIME OF DROP OFF:  The vet will issue an official certificate of vaccination.    We reserve the right to cancel any reservation for not having proper verification at drop off.

Your vet's office may also FAX to us at 412-346-1004 or email to PITTPETCONCIERGE@AOL.COM.

***We require these for the safety of all animals in our care.  Please note the Rabies vaccination is a requirement for all dog's under Pennsylvania State Law.

2)  Aggressive or Dog's with a History of Aggressive Tendencies will not be accepted under our normal program.  We do have alternatives for dogs that need care, but can provide a one on one care program in which they will not have contact with other animals.   Contact us for more details.  It is your DUTY to report any past problems to us, and to report proper information if your pet has ever bitten a person or another animal.   Dogs aggressive towards humans are not accepted.

Not all dogs get along with other dogs, and we understand and respect that.   


Your pet(s) will be evaluated for Fleas and Ticks at the time of check in.  It is strictly your responsibility to insure your pet does not have fleas or ticks at the time of check in.  We do not require any use of one product, as some clients use holistic/natural approaches.  It is your responsibility to inform us of any recent flea/tick problem.  If your pet is found to have fleas/ticks at check in, they will be not be permitted to stay.   If your pet is determined to have fleas (not found at check in, but later during the stay), we reserve the right to charge an infestation clean up fee described in the care contract.  We take every precautionary measure to prevent fleas/ticks in our environment.  This is done for the safety of your pet, and this policy insures safety for all.  Thank you for your understanding.

It is Pennsylvania State Law for your pet to be registered/licensed with the county in which they reside.  It is also State law that their registration tag should be with them or on them at all times.   We do not verify this information or require proof of it.   However, we are subject to inspections by the State randomly.   If your Dog is under our care during an inspection, the inspector will be inspecting current dogs in place for license requirements.   If the tag is not with your dog at that time, you may be fined directly from the State.   Please be sure to have your dog's license with him/her at all times.