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Your pet is more than just an "animal!"   Your pet is your child, a family member, and your best friend!  Traditional Kennels and Boarding Establishments provide a very cold way of providing pet care service.  They typically overcrowd, and your pet spends most of their days locked behind bars on a cold concrete floor.  â€‹They are limited to timed playtimes, and the staff leaves - LIGHTS OUT- at 7:00pm.   This means your "best friend" is bound in a cage until 8:00am the next morning.   Is this how you want to treat your best friend?

The Core belief of Pittsburgh Pet Concierge is to treat each pet as an individual.   We form a strong bond with your "best friend," and cater to his/her likings and dislkings.  Afterall, they are our guest, and their happiness as well as yours is very important to us.    

Here are some of the differences we PROVIDE to ALL GUESTS:

- No Overcrowding to allow one on one contact, we bond with your pet, which lessens their anxiety.

- Constant and Continuous Care - 24 Hours/ 7 days a week - Your Pet is with us. 

- We feed the same exact diet of food you do, same routine, same time each day as you do.

- Unlimited Playtime and Exercise (No Extra Fees!)

- Unlimited Private Walks (No Extra Fees!)

- Constant Fresh FILTERED Water available to your pet.

- We provide free, healthy, Made in the USA treats only.

- We administer any medication that your pet is on.

- We provide CONSTANT UPDATES to you (the Owner) about your pet's stay through your choice of text message, emails, or phone calls.   We also provide you with pictures. 

- We will do ANYTHING within our means to meet you and your pets needs, just ask.

- Your pet will not sit in a cage all day, and it will not be forced to go to sleep at 7:00pm.

Your pet is continuously active (as active as they want to be).  

- Every Effort is made to make sure your pet is HAPPY!